Timekeeping and Payroll

Making easy to use technology and software.

This is a cloud software is part of an ERP system that is very much customizable and can readily fit most requirements. In fact, this has been used by job contracting, hauling, manufacturing and software staffing companies. It caters different kinds of pay computation formulas with varied or flexible work-shifts.

The software now is readily available and just need minor configuration changes to suit your company structure and computation variables.


  • Multi company/branch.
  • Full-text and customizable employee search and filtering.
  • Comprehensive Human Resource Information System
    • Personal Information (201)
    • ID numbers (Company ID, SSS, PhilHealth, HDMF, Passport, etc)
    • Dependents
    • Skills/Categories
    • Educational Background
    • Infractions/Violations and Disciplinary Actions
    • Custodianship
    • Health Record
    • Picture
    • Trainings
    • Recruitment and Hiring
    • Appraisals / Performance Review
  • Adaptable Payroll Computation System
    • Easy and automatic payslip creation
    • Multiple and customizable computation schemes
    • Government compulsory contributions using computation tables
      • SSS
      • PhilHealth
      • HDMF
      • Withholding Tax
    • Compensation Sheets – entry of additional employee compensation or allowances
    • Deminimis / allowances configuration
    • Deduction Sheets – entry of other employee deductions (canteen, vale, uniform, coop contributions, etc.)
    • Payroll Register – single click compute engine
    • Monthly Contributions Report
    • Flexible loans entry and auto-payments
    • SSS and PhilHealth Premium electronic data export
    • BIR Alphalist, Form 2316 and .DAT file export 1604C report generation
    • BIR 1601C monthly summary
  • Timekeeping and Leaves
    • Smart scheduler with multiple shift management
    • Time-in / Time-out data import from biometric machine
    • Face Recognition or kiosk mode using barcode scanner
    • Electronic time card
    • Manager/Supervisor approval for time card, leaves, overtime, official business or schedule/shift change
    • Overtime, official business and change of schedule requests and approval
    • Time-off vacation leaves, sick leaves or unpaid leaves requests and approval
  • Employee Self-Service
    • Online viewing of own payslip and deductions
    • Leaves filing and approval viewing
    • Manual DTR creation and requests (OT, OB or schedule change)
  • Personalized configurable dashboards.
  • E-filing / File Attachment and Storage
  • Auto-notification and inter-user messaging
  • User Access Security
  • 3-tier Client-Server Architecture
  • Web client – secured and accessible anywhere around the world using common web browser such as Microsoft Edge, Firefox or Chrome browser using secure web access (https).
Human Resource Information System
Time Off